Why do so many people struggle with sugar addiction?

Any amount of research shows that in the last decade we have seen the amount of sugar we consume grow exponentially. Before then, we had been consuming sugar found naturally in foods. When it was eaten as a treat or in few and small quantities it was never regarded as a problem. Nowadays, over 30% of the calories we consume come from sugar or white flour, which is highly refined and actually acts just like sugar in our system. Our systems are unable to cope with such a huge quantity.


Why people are addicted to sugar

Sugar gives us an initial high, and then we crash. After this, we crave some more so guess what – we consume more! It’s this continual episodes of peaks and troughs that trigger unnecessary stress on our adrenals. As a result we get anxious and often moody – did you know what sugar is a mood-altering drug? After this we feel exhausted. This is inherent in our kids too, as they love those sugary treats.

Sugar is bad for other reasons too…

Sugar is also associated with lots and lots of chronic problems that include decreased immunity, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue, and the list continues too many more! Sugar is also a contributor to decreased immunity too, which is a big factor in everyday wellness. The reason for this is that sugars inhibit the entrance of Vitamin C into white blood cells, which then inhibits immunity. The more sugar, the less productive our white blood cells are and thus, the less immune we are.

Love and Nurture

For many of us, “a little sweet” is a symbol of love and nurture. Think of birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas time etc… Chocolate and sweets are consumed in mass. Even back to when we were small children, our first food is lactose, or milk sugar. As we grew up we were rewarded with sugary snacks, given to us as a “treat” instilling sugar in our brains as a comfort food. We are conditioned to require something sweet to feel complete or satisfied. As adults we “self-medicate” using sugar to give us an energy boost change our mood. However as with all addictions, one quick fix soon leaves you looking for another and each “hit” of fleeting satisfaction can come with a long-term price tag.

Sugar addiction can do serious damage to your health and lead to all sorts of ailments. Ones that we should be very aware of include heart disease, diabetes, premature aging high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weight gain. Without intending to sound over dramatic, sugar is basically a socially acceptable, legal, recreational drug, with life threatening consequences. If your intake of sugar is high, then for your health’s sake and for the future health of the little people in your families, start to take control and make a plan to consciously cut down on the refined sugars as a start to a healthier family lifestyle.

Your future health and that of your families is of paramount importance. Today’s lifestyle choices can take its toll on your health. Perhaps it’s time to consider taking out /or reviewing your health insurance. Visit www.GloHealth.ie to get a quote or call us on 1890 781 781

By Caroline Sheils, Health Expert with www.familyfriendlyhq.ie


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