9 out of 10 people born before 1985 are glad they grew up in the 1980s rather than the 2010s!

  • Fat Frogs, Wham Bars and Care Bears – just some of the most fondly remembered 80’s nostalgia uncovered in GloHealth’s #BornBefore1985 survey.
  • A worrying 3 out of 5 people don’t know what Lifetime Community Rating (LCR) is a head of the looming April 30th deadline
  • Sile Seoige and Aidan Power lead GloHealth’s #BornBefore1985 campaign to spread awareness of LCR and help those over the age of 34 avoid heavy financial penalties by beating the LCR loading.

Unique Glo Health LCR

Were you born before 1985? Well then Fat Frogs, Care Bears and now Lifetime Community Rating (LCR) will all mean something to you!   GloHealth, Ireland’s innovative health insurer, commissioned the #BornBefore1985 survey to explore the attitudes of those who will be affected by the new LCR initiative, which is designed to encourage people to take out private health insurance before they turn 35 years of age.

The survey of over 700 people who were born before 1985 revealed that a whopping 90% are glad that they grew up in the 1980s rather than the 2010s.  It seems that the technological developments of the last decade do not appeal to the kids of the 80s, with 72% saying that the biggest difference between the 1980’s and the 2010’s is the joy of hours of fun playing outside, as opposed to the hours spent on devices inside the house.  Cycling or walking to school, rather than being chauffeured everywhere, was seen as the second biggest difference (35%).

When it comes to our favourite snack foods of the 80’s, Fat Frogs, the bright green ice pop, were most fondly remembered with 35% of the vote, followed by 28% choosing the deliciously sticky Wham Bars as their favourite snack. Over one third of those surveyed (36%) chose Care Bears as their favourite toy of the 80’s, followed by Lego (28%) and Cabbage Patch Kids securing 22% of the vote.

GloHealth’s survey also investigated attitudes towards the Irish health service and private health insurance.  Almost three quarters (73%) of respondents said that they did not have confidence in the public health service to provide quick treatment should they become sick.  However, one third (32%) do not currently have private health insurance and a worrying 60% of respondents were unaware of LCR, which comes into force after April 30th 2015.

Unique Glo Health LCR

Other interesting findings from the survey included the fact that in terms of financial security in your life, having health insurance was considered of high importance, receiving 28% of the vote, second only to having personal savings (39%). Perhaps not surprisingly, property investments were at the very bottom of the list, with more than half (51%) of all respondents choosing it as the least important financial priority!

GloHealth have teamed with Broadcasters Sile Seoige and Aidan Power to raise awareness of LCR and lead the #BornBefore1985 campaign. Sile Seoige commented:

“I’m delighted to be working with GloHealth on this incredibly important campaign.  Being an 80’s child myself I really enjoyed the fun side of the survey results, I remember fondly playing with my Care Bears but on the more serious side, it’s hugely concerning that 60% are unaware of the LCR initiative which has considerable financial implications for those over 34 taking out health insurance for the first time.  Having been through a challenging health experience a few years ago, I’m acutely aware of how important it is to have private health insurance and I’m glad I can contribute to this campaign over the coming weeks.” 

Unique Glo Health LCR

Aidan Power said:

“Like a lot of people in their thirties I didn’t have private health insurance in place.  Having learned about LCR and the financial implications, I was delighted to sign up for GloHealth’s Base Plan, which costs me less than my bottle of water a day.  People need to be aware that for a very low cost they can take out health insurance that will protect them from incurring penalties later in life.”

LCR is a Government initiative designed to encourage people to take out private health insurance at an earlier age. Anyone who does not take out private health insurance until after the age of 34, will be subjected to an extra 2% fee or loading on their premium. This ‘loading’ will be applied for every year the individual is over the age of 34.* (See LCR examples outlined below)

GloHealth recently unveiled a range of health insurance products, offering those taking out cover for the first time the most cost effective way to avoid the LCR penalty.  GloHealth’s Base Plan is the cheapest private health insurance product in the market priced at just €1.05 a day when you buy online. Further details on GloHealth’s range of LCR beating plans can be found below and an informative video on LCR can be found at www.beatLCR.ie.

Jim Dowdall, CEO of GloHealth, says:

“GloHealth has a number of options that allow people get health insurance cover at the cheapest possible price in advance of the LCR deadline. Anyone without health insurance who takes out cover with GloHealth before the end of April will beat the LCR penalties and won’t have to pay significant extra charges every year for their health insurance cover as they get older.”  



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