5 Useful Tips To Help You Achieve Workplace Wellbeing

As March 27th is Workplace Wellness Day, we’re here to help. At GloHealth, we have curated 5 of the most useful tips to help you achieve workplace well-being today.

1. Set positive intentions

Get an early start, plan your day, complete the most important tasks first and devote your entire to the task at hand, turning these key tasks into habits. Dedicate a time limit to complete each task and remember, enjoyment should be your goal!

2. Choose food and snacks wisely

Prepare your snacks in advance from fresh fruit to mixed nuts and berries. Remember to pack a healthy lunch or choose wisely from your canteen selection.

3. Add fitness to your routine

Two minutes of chair yoga – stretching and breathing can increase your focus and fitness. A ten minute walk at lunch will boost your energy for the afternoon.

4. Stress is a mess

Over time stress can lead to serious health issues such as obesity and depression. Wellness experts suggest when you start seeing red, think blue, as in blueberries. Antioxidants found in fruit fight stress hormones. Remember, laughter also releases endorphin’s and works abdominal muscles.

5. Get a good night sleep

Adequate night time sleep is important. Studies suggest 6-8 hours per night. Between work, family and extra activities it is sometimes difficult to get between 6-8 hours’ sleep. Be sure to avoid caffeine or exercise before sleep, relax by meditating or reading a book.

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