6 Reasons To Unplug From Technology (And how to do it)


We have become daily social networkers & even more so with the introduction of smartphones. What would happen if your computer crashed? What about if you lost your phone? If just thinking about these scenarios gives you anxiety, you’re not alone. Most of us rely so much on technology these days that losing it, even for a day, would be extremely inconvenient, and for some, life-altering.

Technology has no doubt made our lives easier but sometimes we need to “unplug”!

Here we offer you 6 reasons to unplug yourself & suggestions on how to do so:

1. You forget about “YOU” time

Our technology gadgets tend to eat into a lot of our precious time. We spend large amounts of our days and weeks engrossed in our tablets, smartphones, consoles and computers. We spend so much time checking our phones and devices to see if a new email, a tweet, a facebook message or notification has appeared from someone else. How about spending that time on you?

Why not use some of your free time to pamper yourself. Or, you could take a short break? Perhaps it’s just taking time to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea or pick up a book you have been meaning to start reading?

So try spending less of your day on your technological gadgets and more of your time relaxing and switching off. Bet you’ll enjoy this new “YOU” time.

2. You forget to keep your health in check

The internet can be pretty addictive. How many times do we really need to check our phones “just one last time” before we go to sleep? Sleep and proper nutrition are essentials for a healthy life. If being a techie starts to take its toll on your health, maybe you need to unplug yourself from technology intermittently. Make it a habit to get a constant 7-8 hours sleep a night. Give your technology a bed time too! And never skip meals because you are too engrossed in emails or social media. It’s vital that you eat a balanced diet, so use the internet to plan a healthy dinner instead!

3. You’ve noticed your relationships are mainly online

If you find yourself using social media to check up on what your family and friends have been doing due to the fact that you’ve not seen them in person or spoken to them, this could be could be signal that you need to take a little personal action. While technology has allowed us to connect instantly with family & friends, this shouldn’t be a substitute for contact. Why not pick up the phone for a catch up, or book a restaurant for an evening or lunchtime date with your friends or family. Or, just meet in the park for a walk and a chat.

4. You spend hours after work still ‘at work’

Continuing to communicate with colleagues after hours not only creates stress, but it prevents your brain from relaxing and recouping from a long work day in preparation for the next.

Set boundaries on your work communications outside work, and make colleagues aware of your after hours availability. Drawing a line between work and home life not only benefits you, but it may benefit your employer too, since you’ll be coming back to work the next day relaxed and fully recharged.

5. You may be less careful while commuting

How many road accidents are caused by people paying more attention to a notification on their phone rather than driving or crossing the road? This is one sure way to be at more risk of an accident.

So if you’re getting on the road, be sure to unplug yourself from technology and focus on reaching your destination in one piece.

6. You forget to enjoy nature

Some of the simple joys in life such as enjoying nature are often taken for granted because we like to spend time online. Go out and enjoy the outdoor world. It’s time to unplug and take some time for yourself away from technology. Why not take a nice long walk or go for a jog. These activities can give you a sense of inner peace and can help you calm your mind.


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Written by Susan Walsh; writer with http://www.familyfriendlyhq.ie

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