GloHealth Irish Schools’ Athletics Launch

Here at GloHealth we were delighted to have Irish International athletes Thomas & Jessie Barr and Olympic Medallist Roisin McGettigan at the launch of GloHealth Irish Schools’ Athletics, in partnership with Athletics Ireland. They were joined by Sean Lawlor, Molly Scott, Mustafe Nasir and Isabel Carron, members of the 2014 Irish Schools International squad.

GloHealth Announces Sponsorship of Schools Athletics

GloHealth Irish Schools’ Athletics will give over 30,000 school athletes from 650 schools around Ireland the chance to compete at championships, from zones to provincial level, culminating in the prestigious All-Ireland championships in cross country, track and field and combined events.

The partnership reinforces our long term commitment to improving the health and wellness of Irish people of all ages.

GloHealth Announces Sponsorship of Schools Athletics

Recent research into Irish children’s sport participation and physical activity* reveals the following findings:

  • Physical activity is important to children’s current and future health
  • It has positive effects on academic performance, expectations and attainment including achievement in maths tests and reading, and on academic grades and perceptual skills

Roisin McGettigan, Olympic medallist and sports consultant, spoke of the lifelong skills that participation in schools athletics offers: “Studies show the positive effects of sport competence, confidence, connections, character and caring which are considered critical components of positive youth development.

Thomas and Jessie Barr both shared their personal experiences of school’s athletics. Thomas said “I really enjoyed my experience of schools athletics, as well as being great fun and making new friends it also helped me to develop as a competitive athlete. I have first-hand experience of the positive benefits that physical activity can bring when it comes to valuable life skills such as self-control, persistence, and responsibility”. While Jessie added: “Being involved in schools athletics was a very positive experience for me both on and off the track, in terms of life planning and balancing training with study”.

Provincial cross country competitions start next week, with track and field events kicking off in April. No doubt we are in for very exciting, enjoyable and competitive seasons over the coming months.

Don’t forget Athletics Ireland members get more with GloHealth. Kids and adults get €30 cash back on their Athletics Ireland membership with our Family & Kids’ Health package. Adults can also avail of this benefit on our Sports Cover package.

*The Children’s Sport Participation and Physical Activity Study. (The Irish Sports Council, DCU,  University of Limerick, UCC)

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