Simple Flu Tips from the Tropical Medical Bureau

With the flu season well and truly upon us, the Tropical Medical Bureau have these top tips for preventing the virus from getting you this winter.

  1. Carry a sanitizer – If you cannot avoid contact and there is no water to hand, be sure to have a handy hand sanitizer on you. These alcoholic based gels evaporate from the surface of your skin after killing all present germs and are small enough to fit in your pocket.
  2. Do as the Asians do – In Asia, it is a very common sight to see people walking around with face masks. This is not to prevent them catching the flu but to prevent spreading it to others. If all preventative methods fail, you can at least do your part for others by keeping it to yourself.
  3. Eat healthily – Your immune system needs all of the help it can get during flu seasons so eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will help support it. You may think it will be hard to eat healthily on a regular basis but fighting the flu is a lot worse.
  4. Wash your hands – Germs are passed from person to person and a simple handshake can be carrying a wealth of them that are just dying to be spread. By washing your hands you not only prevent yourself from getting sick but others whom you come in contact with.
  5. Go to bed – Your body needs energy to fight off infection. By not getting enough sleep you are weakening your body and lowering your defences. The daily amount of sleep recommended by the TMB is 8-10 hours.
  6. Be ahead of the game and get vaccinated – Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent infection. The Tropical Medical Bureau offer walk-in clinics where you can get your flu vaccination from only €25 per person, including consultation. GloHealth members who have the Kids’ Health & Women’s and Men’s Health Personalised Packages can get their flu vaccine for FREE at any of the 20 TMB clinics nationwide.
  7. Exercise – Getting regular exercise enhances your immune function. Simply going for a 20 minute power walk a day can boost your defences.
  8. Stay away – If you see people displaying common flu symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, steer clear. It may seem like an obvious one but it is vital to avoid contracting the virus.

You can get your flu vaccination in a selection of Tropical Medical Bureau clinics nationwide, which is covered by a number of GloHealth Plans and Personalised Packages. They also offer an on-site vaccination service for groups, companies or organisations of 20 or more.

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