5 Simple Benefits From Practicing Reiki

The spiritual practice of Reiki is a way to generate energy in a persons body and direct it to where they need it. Some people learn to generate energy to enhance their physical health. Some people learn Reiki to manage stress. Others learn it to be more creative, think more clearly or help enhance their energy levels for sports performance. Reiki helps provide a person more energy for any pursuits they may follow.

Furthermore, according to Reiki Master Teacher Patricia Sheehan, anyone can learn to give Reiki to themselves and their families to help maintain a health body & well-being and she highlights the following benefits to adopting this form of holistic therapy.

  1. Reiki can be practiced anywhere and at any time. A person can give Reiki to themselves every day wherever they may be, just before they go to sleep or first thing in the morning to help set up their day.
  2. Reiki helps to promote deep relaxation, calmness and clarity.
  3. Reiki increases the levels of serotonin in a persons body. Serotonin is sometimes known as the “happy hormone”. Increased serotonin improves the immune system and increases fatty acids in the brain, allowing the brain to function in a more productive manner.
  4. Reiki releases stress from the body allowing the recipient to feel more energised and generally happier. Reiki has also be shown to help with mental stress, moodiness, depression and tiredness.
  5. Reiki reduces the stress response mechanisms in the body. Practicing Reiki reduces cortisone (stress hormone) levels. When a person practices to reduce the stress response, the body becomes more balanced and stress related conditions are less likely. A person is also likely to think more clearly and perform activities at a higher level.

According to Patricia, the effects of Reiki work on four levels in the body: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual and are therefore different for everyone. However the potential for people with increased energy is very significant on physical and mental health and well-being.

You can read more about these benefits at http://reikiforall.org/

Reiki For All also provides a two day course for people who are interested in practicing Reiki on themselves, family and friends.

Reiki Level 1 Course information: http://reikiforall.org/reiki/reiki-level-1-workshop/

GloHealth is leading the way with encouraging people to look after their energy for a healthier, happier and stress free life by providing Reiki as part of our Complementary Therapy package.

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