GloHealth partners with Health Matters

We’re delighted to have an exclusive partnership with Health Matters to provide metabolic rate testing to GloHealth members. Metabolic testing can be used for weight loss, weight gain or maintenance. GloHealth provides metabolic testing free of charge for members who have chosen our Sports Cover personalised package.

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If you are stuck at a weightloss plateau why not get a metabolic rate test? Metabolic testing measures your personal daily calorie expenditure, which can help you reach your goals!

Health Matters

The test is very simple. You will be connected up to the machinery via a mouth piece and all you have to do is breath. It will measure the amount of oxygen you consume per ml/kg/min which will determine how many calories your body is expelling per day, as oxygen consumption is directly related to calorie burn.

Sara MetabolicWhen you understand your exact daily calorie expenditure you will know how many calories you need to consume in order to achieve your goal.

For more information on the testing visit

Sean Kinane and Michael Darragh Macauley

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