Insights Into Ireland’s Foreign Direct Investment Success with Barry O’Leary


GloHealth recently hosted our first thought leadership networking event led by ex-IDA CEO Barry O’Leary.  The topic for discussion was Ireland’s success in FDI, focusing on the role Barry and the IDA played in creating a platform to drive huge growth in FDI for Ireland.

As a country, Ireland is ranked first in the world in value terms for foreign direct investments. We have 10 of the top 10 ‘born on the internet companies’, 9 of the top 10 pharma companies and 9 of the top 10 ICT companies located  in Ireland, contributing to over 160,000 people currently employed by FDI companies in Ireland.

A key focus for future FDI in Ireland is new areas of growth including the “internet of things” and wearable technologies. GloHealth’s success in the FDI arena ensures thought leadership is at the forefront in terms of meeting the needs of our global clients.

We are thrilled with the success of this event which will be the first of a number of thought leadership round table dinners which will be hosted by GloHealth.

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