Provider Profile: Dublin Reflexologist Caroline Cunningham


Although the name “Reflexology” is relatively new, the art itself has its roots in many ancient cultures from the America’s to Asia. In the early 1900’s, Dr. William Fitzgerald having researched these ancient practices, conducted experiments with his patients. He concluded that there were sections/zones of the body that could be sedated by applying a particular pressure to another body part within the same longitudinal zone.

Thanks to Eunice Ingham, who elaborated on Dr. Fitzgerald’s findings, we now have the term ‘Reflexology’ and can regard the Feet as a ‘microsystem’ for the entire body/person. Every organ, gland and system is reflected on our feet in areas known to therapists as ‘reflexes’. By applying pressure to these reflexes the whole person can be treated through the feet. Ears, hands and even the face have now also been developed as alternative microsystems for the treatment with reflexology.

And these are exciting times for Reflexology, which is fast becoming one of the most popular holistic therapies around the world.

I qualified as a therapist earlier this year from Holistic College Dublin, happy in the knowledge that my own tutor (Alison Kavanagh) trained with Dwight Byers. There are many leading and inspirational reflexologists in the world today but it was especially wonderful to have had the opportunity to train with Hanne Marquardt in May 2013 for a two day work shop on Reflexotherapy. Hanne, who also trained with Eunice Ingham, has also made a substantial contribution to Reflexology’s research and development.

Reflexology has a wealth of therapeutic benefits to offer and is widely used by people living with cancer, during pregnancy or with fertility issues, as a stress- reliever, for babies and children inducing calm and encouraging learning and development. Reflexology has been known to benefit those with asthma, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders, sinus congestion, relief from aches and pains.  The most beneficial effect of reflexology has to be the inducement of relaxation.

As I start my own career at Dublin Holistic Centre, I have already begun witness some of these benefits with my clients. It is great to know that GloHealth offer a level of cover for Reflexology treatments. Dublin Holistic Centre is a beautiful sanctuary at the heart of the city, near St. Stephens Green.

Details of contact, location and treatment options are available through my website. I look forward to treating you via your feet or hands. Caroline Cunningham, Authentic Reflexology (member of Irish Reflexologists Institute).

Did you know that you can claim €25 back per visit on Reflexology treatment with GloHealth’s Personalised Packages?

Read more about our Complementary Therapy Package here.

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